CCTV captures rare warty pigs on video

Conservation experts from Bristol Zoological Society have released never seen before footage of critically endangered warty pigs roaming forests in the southern Negros, Philippines.

Thought to be the first time in a while that the most threatened of the Philippine suids have been seen in this area of the county, the camera trap footage has shown the animals in habitats close to human civilisation.

Experts at Bristol Zoological Society installed the camera traps to try and capture images of Negros bleeding heart doves in 2015 after research identified that this and many other endangered endemic species including the Warty pig frequent this forest area.

The only other known sightings of the species is from the northern Negros - suggesting that populations of warty pig are growing in one of the world’s 35 biodiversity ‘hotspots’.

Staff from the Society have been working in the Philippines since 2013, trying to identify and implement sustainable solutions for the species and their ecosystem through research, action and local collaboration.

Four years of work in the country has helped to identify important endemic species in areas that are critical to the local communities. Working with these communities to raise awareness of these threatened species and the importance of the forest for both wildlife and communities.

Bristol Zoological Society along with the Philippine NGO, PENAGMANNAKI, are providing funding and support for the community, and have recruited a community facilitator for the Nabou village to work closely with this community.


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