Why are we working with the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum?

The Avon Invasive Weeds Forum (AIWF) was established in 2008 to educate, raise awareness, control and reduce the negative impact of invasive non-native weeds in the Bristol Avon catchment area. We are working with local agencies and community groups to prevent the deterioration of the catchments natural ecosystems and protect local native biodiversity. Non-native invasive weeds are species that have been transported outside of their natural range and can damage our environment, the economy, our health and the way we live.  NNIW are capable of colonising a wide range of habitats and out-competing or excluding native flora and fauna. Water acts as an highly efficient transport medium for dispersal, therefore riparian habitats such as rivers, lakes and shorelines are among the most vulnerable areas for the introduction, spread and impact of NNIW.

What are we doing in the South West?

Practical work focuses on invasive weed eradication and management to help conserve local natural biodiversity. Community involvement and engagement is a key aspect of the project, with many local action groups benefitting.

What is our strategy?

The project provides a coordinated response to non invasive weeds in the Avon catchment area, maximising the positive impact of control efforts throughout the area. Without the project, local community groups would lack support and attempts at controlling the three main weed species would be fragmented, therefore reducing the positive impact of community efforts. We are hoping to

  • survey and map the catchment for NNIW
  • control and reduce the NNIW within the catchment
  • raise Awareness of the NNIW’s, their identification and the issues they create, highlighting the ‘Be Plantwise’ and ‘Check Clean and Dry’ campaigns.
  • to create a viable exit plan for a sustainable project structure to continue focus upon NNIW.

Read more about the Avon Invasive Weeds Forum here.


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