Shimmering spots, stripes and spines are always on show in our colourful Aquarium.

Here you'll discover more than 115 different species of fish, from a wide variety of tropical and temperate, freshwater and marine habitats. Have you seen our red-bellied piranha? Our mudskippers and epaulette sharks? Or our two giant gourami – Gladys and Gerry?

You can also see clown fish like Nemo in our aquarium, swimming and hiding among the brightly coloured anemone.

Our Aquarium includes a new tunnel, where you can view fish swimming overhead. 

Also don't forget to visit our seahorses at Seal & Penguin Coasts!


Did you know ...

... that gars are "pre-historic"? Alligator gars are believed to have been around for 100 million years and can breathe air and water. They use a modified swim bladder that can supplement the gill respiration system, which allows them to survive in areas of low oxygen. They also have inflexible ganoid scales which make them nearly impenetrable.

Go through the tunnel in the aquarium and look up to watch our alligator gars swim overhead and around you.

We miss you and your support


We miss you and your support