Community Plant Collection

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Established in 2012, The Bristol Community Plant Collection is the first of its kind and involves community groups and schools from around the City of Bristol growing different species of Calendula. The objective is to establish a network of community groups, in different locations, growing calendula to prevent hybridisation, through a dispersed seed project. This will ensure the survival of our National Plant Collection for the future.

These plants will be grown from seed right up until they flower, where they will then be put on display, in our award-winning Bristol Zoo Gardens at the Calendula celebration. The collected seed from the plants grown by the groups will be stored in our seed bank for the next lot of growers the following year.  

The ‘growers’ were supplied with training, as well as all the equipment they needed such as seeds, soil, plug trays, plant pots, growing trays, containers, watering cans and instructions. Bristol Zoo also ran workshops for groups to instruct them on hand pollination and the technical aspects of producing genetically true species.

Not only does the project teach and nurture practical skills but it can have dramatic effects on the lives of those involved by aiding personal development, promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing participant’s quality of life.

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