Seal and Penguin Coasts

Seal and Penguin Coasts is an iconic part of Bristol Zoo. Many years ago, the Coasts were home to Sebastian the polar bear and our king penguins.

Today Seal and Penguin Coasts is an immersive experience that aims to take guests to the seabird rookeries and fur seal colonies located around the colder oceans of the world.

As you enter the Coasts, you'll encounter three species of seabird from three different parts of the world, with three very different lifestyles: Originating from the west coast of South America, Inca terns swirl overhead, each displaying their red beak and feet and a distinctive white "moustache". Common eider ducks are found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and North Pacific and are the largest duck found in British waters. They can be seen bobbing up and down on the waves, or diving from the surface to forage on algae and mussels. It is impossibe to overlook our large colony of African penguins, who may be observed searching for fish in the pool; they may then head back to their burrows and regurgitate the fish to feed their chicks. African penguins are Endangered and we are working with a rehabilitation centre in South Africa to help save these penguins. We maintain a breeding population here at the Zoo, so that our keepers can develop expertise that may help to ensure the survival of African penguins in the wild. Find out more about the important conservation work we are doing with African Penguins here.

As you walk through the shipwreck you'll find our bachelor group of South American fur seals. Our group of three males consists of a large bull and  four of his offpsring. They can often be found playing and squabbling with each other on the rocky shore, basking in the sun during warmer months, and chasing each other through the water.

At Seal and Penguin Coasts, you also have the opportunity to view our penguins and seals on land or underwater. Head down underneath the Coasts and view these animals darting through the water, immersed in their aquatic habitat.

Now’s your last chance to visit before the Zoo’s last day 03.09.22

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Now’s your last chance to visit before the Zoo’s last day 03.09.22