Twilight World

Twilight World takes you on a weird and wonderful journey through an indoor exhibit where night and day have been reversed.

Start your journey in a dusky desert at sunset where you can see our yellow mongoose and Aruba island rattlesnake. Sneak through the dark desert area next, where you can catch a glimpse the critically endangered Turkish spiny mice. Follow the path through a nocturnal forest, home to our rare family of aye-ayes and eastern quoll, as well as a host of other unusual creatures of the night. Next, venture into the underground home of fascinating creatures such as the blind naked mole rat. Your journey ends at ‘dawn’ in a creaking old town house, home to dozens of tiny house mice as well as black and brown rats.

All the displays in Twilight World make full use of light, sound, humidity and smell to help recreate natural habitats.

Please note that Twilight World is very dark. It is advised that people allow their eyes to adjust before entering. The exhibit is wheelchair and pram/buggy accessible. 

All lights are strictly prohibited as they frighten our residents. 

We are open! Pre-book your timed tickets now

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We are open! Pre-book your timed tickets now