Amazon Wish List - can you help?

Bristol Zoo is asking for a popcorn maker, alarm clocks and essential oil packs – all for the animals!

A popcorn maker for the gorillas is just one of the things Bristol Zoo is asking guests to donate to its new Amazon Wish List, which is made up of a number of different enrichment objects for the animals that can be purchased by members of the public.

Some of the enrichment objects include: a popcorn maker to make popcorn as part of a sensory activity for the gorillas, natural sounding alarm clocks for primates such as golden lion tamarins to encourage acoustic enrichment and essential oil packs which will provide scent enrichment for the lions to explore different areas of their enclosures.
Environmental enrichment is important for enhancing the well-being of animals. Enrichment can be physical (e.g. puzzle toys, complex climbing structures), sensory (e.g. naturalistic scents or sounds), or food-based (e.g. concealing food in novel ways).

The Zoo’s in house animal enrichment team, made up of researchers, keepers and other team members have spent time studying, designing and evaluating the most relevant and effective enrichment for all animal groups based on their specific needs.  

Dr Christoph Schwitzer, Director of Conservation said of the list: “If you would like to help us enrich your favourite animal, please take a look at the Wish List and consider making a purchase. There are a range of items to suit all budgets, and a description of why they are beneficial. Through Amazon, your purchase will be delivered directly to us.”

Visit the wish list here.

Now’s your last chance to visit before the Zoo’s last day 03.09.22

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Now’s your last chance to visit before the Zoo’s last day 03.09.22