Blog from the field - Saving Canaway Forest

Keep up-to-date with our conservation team in the Philippines.

Neil, our Head of Conservation Programmes has been back in the Philippines. Here's what he's been up to.

I am delighted to report that we’ve recruited a local manager for a new task force to help address the loss of forest in the Canaway valley, a forest that is home to a number of critically endangered wild animals, plants and a critical watershed for the local people. Jomah has resulted completed his degree in criminology at Dumaguete University, and will lead a team of Boyet, Jimmy and Timmy, known as the Mantiquil Barangay Ordinance Protection Task Force.  Jomah was actually born in Mantiquil and knows the area well. 

He will report to the Society on a weekly basis and be supported by Aplonnaire Carino and others with the local NGO ‘PENAGMANNAKI’, who are our partners in sustainable development and wildlife conservation in the Philippines.
Over the course of the next few months, we will be holding community discussions and workshops to support the people of Mantiquil, Naubo and Canaway (all in the Municipality of Siaton, Negros) so that they can change from slash and burn agriculture and illegal timber extraction to new ways of living. We will be using similar participatory learning and action methodologies as we have used in Cameroon and the Comoro Islands over the past 12 years, and which have resulted in behavioural shifts to help conserve natural resources for future generations, as well as protecting critically endangered wildlife. We know that this will be a long term commitment to helping local people in the Philippines, so every bit of help we get if very much appreciated.  Help us if you can.  Thanks.

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Now faced with a third closure, the BZS Appeal is more important than ever


Now faced with a third closure, the BZS Appeal is more important than ever