Books to Save the World: World Book Day 2021

This world book day, we’re celebrating our planet and highlighting the best books on sustainability, climate change and green living.

Saving wildlife is at the heart of everything we do, so we’ve asked our librarian, Jess Miller, for her top-five picks from the Bristol Zoo Gardens library. From top tips for a garden filled with native species, to understanding the challenges facing the environment, these books will inspire you to do your part for the planet.

Save Cash and Save the Planet by Andrea Smith & Nicola Baird (Friends of the Earth)

Save Cash and Save the Planet emphasizes the power individuals have in making real and positive differences when it comes to saving the earth; offering low-effort practical suggestions to reduce our environmental impact and save money at the same time. With simple tips ranging from creating a wildlife-friendly garden to saving and budgeting ethically, this guide can show you low and no-cost ways to help the planet without the need for major lifestyle changes. 

Saving Planet Earth: What is Destroying the Earth and What You Can Do to Help by Tony Juniper

Combining incredible images, facts and figures presented in the major 12-part BBC One TV series, Saving Planet Earth describes the devastating effects climate change is having on our animal, plant and human populations – including critically-endangered western lowland gorillas. Highlighting the key reasons behind accelerating habitat destruction and species extinction, this book gives an excellent introduction to the impacts of global warming, and what we can do to lessen them.

Wildlife Conservation in a Changing Climate edited by Jedediah F. Brodie, Eric S. Post & Daniel F. Doak

Wildlife Conservation in a Changing Climate presents collected essays by both academic scientists and front-line conservation practitioners on saving wildlife in the wake of habitat changes and global warming. The collection includes fascinating case studies on the impact of climate change on wildlife, predictions for the future, plus practical strategies to protect different species. If this book appeals to you, you can also read more about the conservation projects led by Bristol Zoological Society.

Our Future Earth by Curt Stager 

In Our Future Earth, paleo-climatologist Stager – who considers ecology through the lens of ancient, geological history – asks us to consider the lasting consequences of global warming beyond our generation. Presenting various predictions of what our future world will look like over the next 100,000 years, this book analyses evidence of earlier climate change cycles we know to have occurred throughout the planet’s history; anticipating different scenarios depending on the actions we take now to tackle the 21st century climate crisis. This is a fascinating read that truly puts the outcome of our decision-making in a long-term context.

Ecological Restoration by Susan M. Galatowitsch

This book provides a comprehensive overview of strategies used all over the world to repair landscapes, seascapes, and the ecosystems and species within them, which have been threatened by human activity. Ecological Restoration is a favourite of our higher education students studying at the Zoo, as it combines research-based knowledge, case studies and exercises in each chapter. Strengthening the connection between real-world practice and the ecological concepts behind it, Ecological Restoration is a great introduction for conservationists of the future.

Though the library at Bristol Zoo Gardens is currently closed, you can find these books and more by searching our library catalogue.

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