Draw your favourite Zoo animal and win tickets to see it!

Every child has a favourite animal at Bristol Zoo Gardens and Wild Place Project that they have missed most during the lockdown.

Now, as both of the Bristol Zoological Society sites prepare to hopefully reopen on April 12, there is a great chance for under-15s to draw a picture of that animal and enter a competition to win free tickets to go and see it with their family.

Maybe it’s Jock the powerful silverback gorilla you have missed the most or possibly Shifumi the colourful, eye-catching red panda.

Perhaps Biggie the giant tortoise is your favourite or one of the cheeky squirrel monkeys that live on an island in the heart of the Zoo, or keas -- those Einsteins of the bird world.

The giraffes or brown bears at Wild Place Project or possibly the groups of ring-tailed lemurs or meerkats.

Lynsey Bugg, Bristol Zoo Garden's Curator of Mammals, said: “Whatever animal you like best, just find a piece of paper and some crayons, paints and pens, and make a picture. 

“It can be a picture of the whole animal or maybe just its face. You can colour it like it really is or change its colour completely. It’s up to you.”

Lynsey added: “And once you have drawn your amazing artwork, go on to our websites and find out about the animal, including its conservation status and whether it is Endangered or not, and if it is part of a special conservation or breeding programme.”

Once finished, take a photo or scan the picture and share it on social media, using the hashtags #BristolZooAnimalArt or #WildPlaceAnimalArt by April 11.

A shortlist of images will be chosen by a judging panel and the winners will win family admission tickets for a day out at Bristol Zoo or Wild Place. The winning artwork will also be showcased on digital advertising screens in Bristol, as well as on Bristol Zoological Society’s digital and social media channels.

If you want to remind yourself what the animals look like you can find pictures of them, as well as other information, on the Bristol Zoo Gardens and Wild Place Project websites.

You can find the competition terms and conditions here

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