Last chance to see amazing brick animal sculptures at Bristol Zoo Gardens

There is just one week left to visit a host of amazing animal sculptures at Bristol Zoo Gardens, made entirely of tiny bricks.

A massive orca, a huge shark, a dolphin, a penguin and a giant octopus are among the sea creatures which make up BRICKLIVE Ocean on display here at the Zoo until 5pm on Sunday October 11.

We have displayed around 50 life-like creations across the 12-acre site since re-opening in July. Each one has been created by skilled model-makers and inspired by animals found in oceans around the world.

A highlight of the exhibition is the four metre long orca with its baby, which was created by a team of 20 builders and contains more than 220,000 bricks.

Other sculptures include a three metre long mako shark made up of more than 60,000 bricks which took a team of four builders more than 260 hours to create, a turtle made of over 27,000 bricks and a giant squid which contains more than 74,000 bricks.

There is also a model of a coral reef which contains over 24,000 bricks and took 159 hours to build.

The touring brick show has been created to entertain and educate children and families about the incredible diversity of life in the Earth’s oceans

Simon Garrett, Head of Public Engagement, said: “These sculptures have been enjoyed by thousands of visitors to the Zoo over the summer and we will be sad to see them go. But visitors can still see many of their real counterparts in our amazing Aquarium. There are more than 115 species of fish at home there, from a wide variety of tropical and temperate, freshwater and marine habitats.”

Stars of the aquarium include the red-bellied piranha, epaulette sharks, alligator gars, mudskippers, Nemo-like clownfish, Gerry the giant gourami and the ever-popular pufferfish.

Bristol Zoo Gardens is owned and run by Bristol Zoological Society, which also operates Wild Place Project. It is a conservation and education charity and relies on the generous support of the public not only to fund its important work at Bristol Zoo and Wild Place, but also its vital conservation and research projects across four continents.

In March we launched an appeal to ensure the future of our work ‘saving wildlife together’. We launched the BZS Appeal following the temporary closure of both our sites in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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