Top tips to enjoy your summer visit

Please note: As of September 2021 our Animal Talks have been paused and will resume again soon. Please keep an eye on our website for more details!

Hear the keepers talk about and feed some of the animals, as well as learning some fun and exciting new facts, to create an extra special day. You’ll also be wowed by 300 species, exploring our beautiful award-winning gardens and have a chance to enjoy tasty food and drink on your visit. Read on to discover more about our animal talks and feeds.

11am – Lions talk

Start off your day by joining a talk on our Asiatic lions. Hear about Sonika and Sahee from keepers and find out more about these fascinating animals, such as what they like to eat! Did you know that Asiatic lions are the most endangered large cat species in the world and there are only 600 in the wild today?

11.45am – Lemurs talk and feed

Make sure you head along to see the ring-tailed lemurs. Learn more about these playful and sociable primates during the talk, where you’ll also get an exciting chance to watch them being fed!

12.30pm – Gorillas talk and feed

Before you stop for something to eat, visit Gorilla Island to see our family of eight gorillas relish a delicious vegetable lunch, and hear more about these critically endangered animals and our conservation work in Equatorial Guinea.

2pm – Meerkats talk and feed

Make the most of your day and come along to the Meerkat Lookout to learn all about this mischievous matriarchal mob, as well as watching the meerkats enjoy one of their five meals.

3pm – Penguins talk and feed

Spend some quality time in Seal and Penguin Coasts. With birds flying overhead, it makes for an incredible experience! Discover more about the colony of African penguins from the team who look after them and the special project we support in South Africa.

3.30pm – Seals talk and feed

Stick around at Seal and Penguin Coasts for the final talk of the day. Learn more about the group of playful South American fur seals as they’re fed some delicious fish.

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Timings are correct at time of writing (summer 2021). Please check the website’s what’s on section for up-to-date seasonal information.

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