Bristol Zoo Gardens’ Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo, Mian dies

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Mian, our male Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo.

Mian arrived from Perth Zoo in October 2017 and joined female Kitawa in their new home at Bristol Zoo. In April 2020 the zoo welcomed the emergence from the pouch of the baby joey that Kitawa gave birth to in November 2019. The joey is thriving and was recently named Kiri by staff at Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Mammal Team Leader, Alan Toyne, said: “Mian was a firm favourite with keepers and visitors alike. He will be dearly missed by everyone, but we take some small solace in the fact that he has fathered a son, Kiri, who is growing stronger every day and will continue Mian’s valuable genes in the conservation breeding programme for Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos. Mian was such a lovely animal and we are heartbroken by his death”.

Native to Papua New Guinea, Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos are endangered in the wild having suffered from hunting and a loss of habitat. Many of the areas where they used to live have been lost to logging or timber production or used to grow wheat, rice and coffee plants.

Mian became ill on Wednesday and received urgent treatment from the dedicated veterinary team at the Zoo. Unfortunately, his health continued to deteriorate and so the sad decision to put Mian to sleep had to be made on Friday afternoon. Further tests will be undertaken over the coming days to identify the cause of Mian’s illness.

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