Watch our warty pigs celebrate National Pig Day

Today is National Pig Day, so we met up with keeper Olivia to give our Visayan warty pigs a special treat!

Bristol Zoo is home to three pigs – dad Elvis (named for his rock ‘n’ roll quiff), mum Polly and daughter Ada – and together we reckon they’re the coolest swine in town.

Visayan warty pigs are Critically Endangered in the wild, living on just two islands in the central Philippines. 

These rare animals are about as smart as dogs, so keepers like Olivia have to think outside the box to provide fun ways of enriching their day, from spraying interesting scents around the enclosure to giving them specially made ice lollies when it’s hot!

Since our pigs love foraging for food, just like they would in the wild, Olivia prepared something tasty which would also appeal to their destructive natures. Watch to see the trio as happy as pigs in ... mud!

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