Bristol Zoological Society's Field Conservation and Science Projects

Bristol Zoological Society carries out conservation projects in four continents across the world that are underpinned by scientific research. We also undertake conservation and science projects right here at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Our mission is to identify and implement sustainable solutions to species and ecosystem conservation challenges through research, action and local collaboration. Many of our field projects are linked to exhibit areas in Bristol Zoo Gardens, such as the African penguins in Seal and Penguin Coast and the Desertas Wolf Spiders in Bug World. 

Follow the links to explore our fantastic conservation projects and learn what we are doing to save wildlife around the world.

African Penguin Project Avon Gorge & Downs Project
Desertas Wolf Spider Project Kordofan Giraffe Project
Lemur Leaf Frog Project Livingstone’s Fruit Bat Project
Negros Bleeding Heart Dove Project Northern Madagascar Project
Palm Oil Project Sanje Mangabey Project
Western Lowland Gorilla Project White-clawed Crayfish Project

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