Big Bugs

There are over 39,000 species of invertebrates in Britain alone and even though they are an essential part of ecosystems, they are often forgotten. They play a vital role in maintaining the environment by recycling waste, spreading pollen and even helping scientists and doctors. Unfortunately, many are threatened with habitat destruction, climate change, pollution and the use of pesticides. 

In order to help the survival of bugs, we showed how fantastic they are and asked guests to support our Big Bugs campaign by pledging a patch for bugs. This patch could be a garden area, a window box or even a tree branch, and guests could make it the perfect home for bugs by growing wild flowers, hanging up a bug house, creating a water space, making a log pile or by doing absolutely nothing and letting the patch overgrow.

Here are some photos of pledged patches.

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We have reopened! Pre-book your timed tickets now