Corporate sponsorship

Sponsorship of a Bristol Zoo event, campaign or animal enclosure will enable your business to benefit from high level brand exposure and PR opportunities, engagement of staff and customers and the chance to fulfil your CSR objectives. 

To ensure your brand stands out from your competitors, sponsorship will enable you to connect with our extensive audience in a truly unique way. Every year Bristol Zoological Society:

• Welcomes 600,000 day visitors
• Entertains 40,000 people at events
• Has over 1.5 million website visits
• Communicates with over 47,000 Facebook fans and 31,000 Twitter followers
• Receives local, national and international media coverage
• Teaches over 40,000 students
• Sends regular newsletters to a database of 80,000 subscribers
• Prints one million leaflets and posters

We will work with you to develop a package that suits your needs and objectives, adding a unique twist to your marketing plan. For further information please contact

Support a conservation project

Our conservation work extends to 15 countries around the world. Whether your business has links overseas, you’re looking for a unique way to fulfil your business and CSR objectives or you’d just like to show your commitment to wildlife, sponsoring one of our conservation projects is a fantastic opportunity for your business. 

This is a high profile way to demonstrate that your company supports conservation, leading to positive publicity and engagement of both staff and customers.

For further information please contact

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We have reopened! Pre-book your timed tickets now