Adopt Afia the infant gorilla

By adopting Afia, you are helping us to care for her here at Bristol Zoo and also supporting our conservation work across the globe.

Afia, which means Friday-born child in Akan, the language spoken in Ghana, was born by emergency caesarean section in 2016 after her mother, Kera, showed symptoms of potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia.

She had to be hand-reared as her mum was too ill to care for her. Keepers fed her milk from a bottle every two hours, day and night. As she grew up, keepers had to teach her natural gorilla behaviors. Their hard work and dedication paid off as Afia flourished.

Curator of mammals, Lynsey Bugg, said: “Afia really is our little miracle. She came through against all the odds and is growing up into a strong and healthy gorilla.”

Afia enjoys eating a range of vegetables but her favorites are leafy lettuce and herbs, she will continue to receive milk feeds from her keepers until she is around four/five years old.

Western lowland gorillas are listed as Critically Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. They come from areas of dense forest and swamp in Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.  

Your adoption pack contains:

  • one ticket to Bristol Zoo Gardens
  • a cuddly toy
  • an adoption certificate
  • your name displayed at the exhibit*
  • a fact-file about your chosen animal
Adopt Afia the gorilla

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