Adopt Afu the ring-tailed lemur

By adopting Afu, you are helping us to care for him here at Bristol Zoo and also supporting our conservation work across the globe.

Ring-tailed lemurs are the best known of all lemur species, notorious for their black and white striped tails. The tail is used as a flag as the lemurs walk, held aloft so others can see. It is also used in 'stink fights' where the animals rub their tails against scent glands on their arms and wave them over their heads at their opponent. This suggests that smell is an important way of communicating for lemurs.  

The ring-tailed lemurs are very sociable creatures. Afu, like our other ring-tailed lemurs predominantly feed on fruit, leaves and flowers, but will very occasionally eat insects too.  

This species of lemur is classified as Endangered. Their forest habitat is being destroyed for slash and burn agriculture, charcoal production and mining for gemstones and minerals. They are also threatened by predators and human hunting.  

Your adoption pack contains:

  • one ticket to Bristol Zoo Gardens
  • a cuddly toy
  • an adoption certificate
  • your name displayed at the exhibit*
  • a fact-file about your chosen animal
Adopt Afu the ring-tailed lemur

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