Adopt Chota the red panda

By adopting Chota, you are helping us to care for him here at Bristol Zoo and also to support our conservation work across the globe.

Chota, one of the red pandas here at Bristol Zoo Gardens, was born on 27 June 2008. Like all red pandas he loves the cold, especially the snow.  

Red pandas have fur on the soles of their feet which keeps them warm and helps them to grip icy surfaces.  

The red panda is also known as the 'red cat bear'. In China it is called ‘hon ho’" or ‘fire fox’. They are mainly herbivores, eating bamboo, grasses, roots and nuts, but they will occasionally eat insects and small rodents too. Their jaws are strong and their teeth and forelimbs are specially adapted for manipulating and crushing bamboo shoots and leaves, which make up 95% of their diet.

Red pandas are native to the mountainous regions of Nepal and southwest China, where it is very cold and snowy. Because people have cleared large areas of the forests where they live to meet the demand for timber Red Pandas are classified as Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 

Your adoption pack contains:

  • one ticket to Bristol Zoo Gardens
  • a cuddly toy
  • an adoption certificate
  • your name displayed at the exhibit*
  • a fact-file about your chosen animal

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