Field Survey Assistant

Field Survey Assistant: Negros Bleeding-heart dove population survey and conservation threat analysis in North West Panay, Philippines

Role Description: We are looking for a Field Survey Assistant to join our conservation project to assess the population size, habitat preference, and threats to the Negros Bleeding-heart dove in the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park rainforest, Philippines. Data will be used to implement long-term conservation action for this Critically Endangered species.

The Field Survey Assistant will be responsible for:

  • Assisting the Field Survey Lead in the organisation of surveys.
  • Leading a small team to survey for the Negros bleeding-heart dove, using point counts, line transects, bioacoustics playback and camera traps. The distance to each individual dove must be accurately recorded for population size calculation. 
  • Measuring habitat and recording other bird species and wildlife during surveys.
  • Assisting training workshops to teach local forest guides how to use the equipment required for long-term monitoring, such as GPS units and camera traps.
  • Supporting and liaising regularly with the Field Survey Lead to ensure data is collected and organized to a high standard.
  • Data entry from surveys.

This is a 4-month contract beginning January 2020, with the possibility of a 5th month of surveying in north Negros to be discussed. The role is based full-time in the Philippines, with a £400/month stipend. Survey teams will be made up of a minimum of three people: the Field Survey Assistant / Lead, an expert bird guide and a porter, and will be conducted from mobile tents in the rainforest.

This conservation project is led by Bristol Zoological Society and a local NGO PhilinCon. The project is supervised by Dr. Daphne Kerhoas (project co-manager), with the help of Dr. Mark Abrahams (expert in alternative livelihood) and Dr. Grainne McCabe (Head of Field Conservation and Science) based at Bristol Zoological Society, Bristol (United Kingdom). The post will be based full time in the Philippines.



Essential requirements:

  • BSc degree in conservation, biology or a relevant field.
  • Some fieldwork experience.
  • Priority will be given to candidates with past experience of surveying in tropical rainforest.
  • The ability to work as part of a team.


Desirable criteria:

In general, applicants should:

  • Be physically fit and mentally strong with good social skills.
  • Be able to work independently and with a team.
  • Feel comfortable living under basic conditions and being far away from family/friends.
  • Be willing to live with people from different cultures.
  • Be emotionally mature, friendly, energetic and very patient.
  • Be able to maintain a positive attitude towards hard and tiring work.


The language in our team is English, but some members are more comfortable conversing in the local language (kinaray-a).


Term of Appointment: A 4 month commitment is required, beginning in early January 2020.

Salary/funding: £400/month stipend.

Support (travel, meals, lodging):

Costs will be covered for international flight and domestic flight (upon successful completion of the position). Lodging in country will be provided.


The successful candidate must have travel medical insurance and appropriate vaccinations. 

Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the 13th of October 2019.

How To Apply: To apply, email a CV and covering letter describing your interests and experience in wildlife conservation, and why you would be suitable for the role. Please contact me via e-mail with any questions.

E-mail Address:

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