ZooRopia FAQs

Please ensure you have purchased Bristol Zoo admission tickets as well as ZooRopia tickets. You can only access ZooRopia by purchasing both

Are you open?

We are delighted to announce that ZooRopia is reopening on 21 July 2020. We are introducing a new timed ticket system and pre-purchasing tickets is essential.

What changes have you made to ensure ZooRopia is safe?

Together we can ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on ZooRopia.

To ensure the safety of our visitors and staff, additional measures are in place during your visit. It is essential that you read and fully understand our site rules, which are available on our website, on booking, and on site at Bristol Zoo Gardens.  

We are operating a timed ticket system to stagger the arrival time of ZooRopia customers throughout the day so that we can manage capacity and maintain social distancing.

All tickets MUST be purchased in advance. You can buy your timed ticket here.

We are operating on a completely cashless basis. No cash transactions can take place on site. Tickets for Bristol Zoo Gardens and ZooRopia must be purchased and booked online and in advance.

You are required to show your booking confirmation number before entering ZooRopia, on your mobile phone.

We have introduced new procedures and precautions, with additional cleaning regimes, equipment cleaning and monitoring.

Extra hand wash facilities have been installed throughout the Zoo and near ZooRopia and we ask that you wash your hands, in line with Government guidance, before you use ZooRopia, and regularly whilst in the Zoo.

We ask that for your safety, that of other visitors, and our staff and volunteers, that you respect the signage on site and maintain a two-metre distance from other visitors. This is vital to ensure everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Staff on ZooRopia wear full-face visors where social distancing cannot be maintained, for example during harnessing, for their protection and yours

Why do we need to maintain social distancing of 2 metres? I thought the new Government guidance was 1-metre-plus from 4 July 2020?

The Government advice remains to keep 2 metres apart where possible. The 1-metre-plus guidance only refers to when mitigations are in place such as screens. As it is not possible to have mitigations in place throughout the Zoo and ZooRopia, we are reminding visitors to remain 2 metres apart and maintain social distancing for everyone’s safety.

When are tickets being released?

In line with the ticket release for Bristol Zoo Gardens, during the initial phase of reopening, we will be releasing tickets on a rolling basis. We will not be pre-advertising the exact time the ticket slots will be released for sale, so as to help prevent technical issues. We anticipate that demand may be high and we have taken steps to anticipate potentially higher volumes of traffic, but we must also try to reduce the pressure on our website to ensure people are able to successfully organise their visit.  

Do Members need to book?

Yes, Members and ZooRopia Members need to book. All tickets MUST be purchased in advance. You will need your membership number/s to complete your booking.

You can buy your timed ticket here.

What do I do if I can’t remember my membership number?

Please make sure you have the Membership numbers for all your group before starting to buy your tickets. If you don’t have the Membership numbers of those you’re trying to book for, please email us on info@bristolzoo.org.uk. To help us process your email quicker please send us the full names of all Members, and first line of your address. This helps us to find the Membership numbers you need. We are receiving a high number of email enquiries, and are responding to them as quickly as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What’s the minimum age and height?

ZooRopia is designed for everyone aged 5 and over 1.1m tall, without shoes, including guests with special needs. Please ensure that you measure your child/children before purchasing tickets.

How high up is the course?

The course is five metres high and uses a harness system. Once you're fastened in by our instructors you can make your way around the course knowing you're safe and secure at all times.

When is ZooRopia open?

ZooRopia is open every weekend throughout the year and during Bristol area school holidays. If you are visiting especially to take part in the ZooRopia course, please call reception on 0117 4285 300 on the day of your visit to check opening hours and restrictions.

Can I use the course if I have a disability and/or require assisted support?

ZooRopia actively supports participation for children and adults of varying abilities. Should assisted support be required please contact Head 4 Heights direct on 01285 770007 so we can ensure qualified and experienced instructors are booked in advance at a time suitable to any individual or group.

How can I buy my tickets?

Tickets must be bought in advance and online for timed sessions, at the time of booking tickets for Bristol Zoo Gardens or on the day. Tickets are not available from the reception at Bristol Zoo Gardens. However, you can use your mobile phone to purchase timed tickets when you are on site. Tickets are subject to availability and advance purchase is recommended to avoid disappointment and to book your preferred timeslot.

You can buy your timed ticket here.

Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

When you purchase your ticket online, you must acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted our Course and Site Rules and disclaimer. These are also displayed by the ZooRopia course.

When should I arrive for my session?

Please help us to ensure you have an enjoyable time by arriving at the beginning of your booked session. You will need to arrive within your time slot. If you miss your allocated session time, you will not be able to join in the session and would need to purchase another ticket for a later time.   

Is there somewhere to store my belongings?

Due to Government COVID-19 guidance, we can no longer look after any personal possessions on site. All jewellery, watches and phones also need to be removed before going onto ZooRopia. We recommend you leave personal possessions at home, in your car or with a member of your group who is not participating in the activity. ZooRopia cannot accept liability for any items, which are lost or damaged.

What sort of shoes should I wear?

Please ensure you wear trainers or other appropriate shoes.

High heels, ‘Crocs’ shoes or flip flops, unfastened sandals or any shoe that might fall off is not permitted. Due to Government guidance, we can no longer provide alternative footwear.

Will ZooRopia open in adverse weather?

ZooRopia operates in sun and rain. However, during high winds and lightning ZooRopia will close.

Can I go on ZooRopia if I have a medical condition?

Please ensure you have read and accepted the Site Rules and Regulations, which also cover medical limitations. ZooRopia instructors have full control over customer access to the course at all times.

Do I have to wear a facemask?

Customers are welcome to wear facemasks. ZooRopia cannot provide customers with facemasks.

Can I have a refund?

Once instructors have ensured you are compliant to its safety terms and conditions and started your Zooropia experience no refunds can be made.

Refunds however will be provided when the course is closed due to either adverse weather conditions (eg high winds and lightning) or if terms of access are not followed. The decision to issue a refund in these circumstances rests with ZooRopia.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Once on the course the average time to complete is 15 – 20mins. For some visitors who need support it can take up to 90mins but if anyone is in a rush we can get you to the ground in less than 15 minutes.

Can I socially distance?

Customer numbers have been reduced and customers from different households are asked to respect the social distancing rules whilst waiting to go on the course, whilst kitting up and during the session. We have installed markers and signage.

How are you protecting customers and staff?

The Government has stated that the risk of cross-contamination of the virus outdoors is very small, and which is why public zoos and beaches do not have any special supervision measures in place.   ZooRopia further reduces any risk by putting in place a number of additional measures including:

Selling tickets online to avoid the need to touch cash, pens and paper.

Social distancing, signage and markers.

Limiting customer numbers.

Staggered sessions throughout the day.

Extra hand washing and sanitising facilities (available to customers and staff).

Can I wash my hands easily?

You will need to wash or sanitise your hands prior to going on the course. There are washing facilities near the course. In addition, there will be hand sanitisers available for your use.

What cleaning and hygiene procedures has ZooRopia put in place? 

All our staff have received Covid-19 training and there are strict procedures in place to ensure high-touch areas, including the metal attachment points, are regularly cleaned and harnesses are cleaned and rotated. Staff wear facemasks or visors when in closer proximity, for example when harnessing, clipping in, or when helping customers to come down from the course.

How can I be harnessed up with social distancing rules in place?

Customers will be instructed on how to fit their own harnesses themselves, under the close supervision of our instructors who will keep 2 metres away. Where instructors need to physically adjust the fit of a harness, they wear a full-face visor. A final safety check is carried out by the instructor.

How busy will it be?

Our pre-booking system ensures safely manageable numbers, staggered throughout the day.

What happens if we go into lockdown again or if I, or a member of my household, has Covid-19 symptoms?

If you have purchased a ticket for ZooRopia from 21 July 2020 and we close unexpectedly due to a second or subsequent outbreak of Coronavirus, or Government instruction, we will contact you to arrange a new date when we reopen to the public. We will rebook your ticket for a future date within 12 months of reopening or 12 months of purchase.

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