Reptile House

Our Reptile House is home to a host of reptiles and amphibians of all shapes, sizes and colours – from the African pancake tortoise to the Yellow-headed day gecko. There are also dwarf crocodiles and 'Biggie' - the 28 stone giant tortoise and friends - which are a firm family favourite. 

We also have an amazing amphipod, which is home to two of the most critically endangered frogs in the world – lemur leaf frogs and golden mantella frogs. This ‘frog sanctuary’ provides the perfect conditions for rare frogs to breed, in an effort to help save the ‘most at risk’ species from extinction.

Here is a comprehensive list of our reptiles and amphibians:

African pancake tortoise

Amethystine python

Aruba Island rattlesnake

Asian box turtle 

Black marsh turtle

Colombian rainbow boa

Cuban boa

Egyptian tortoise

Giant tortoise

Gila monster

Golden mantella frog

Lemur leaf frog

Madagascan tree boa

Poison arrow frog

Prehensile-tailed skink

Rhinoceros iguana

Standing's day gecko

Turquoise dwarf gecko

West African dwarf crocodile

Yellow-headed day gecko

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We are open! Pre-book your timed tickets now