Tree Kangaroos of Papua New Guinea

It is the first time Bristol Zoo Gardens has had Goodfellow's tree kangaroos in its 181 year history.  Most tree kangaroos live in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and some live in northern Queensland, Australia.

Their new home has centrally heated houses with picture windows so visitors can easily see them when they are inside. Their enclosure is made of two indoor houses, with two separate outdoor areas that can be accessed by special bridges leading from inside the roof of their house to the outside. 

The enclosures have five feet high glass panels around parts of them to ensure everyone can see the tree kangaroos climbing on their enrichment apparatus and the natural trees within the enclosure. This provides lots of opportunities for them to explore their new home and express behaviour that would be seen in the wild.

The reason for the tree kangaroos having their own houses is because in the wild they are solitary animals. Mian and Kitawa will only join each other when they show signs of wanting to mate. Our tree kangaroos are part of a managed European breeding programme, and it is hoped that they will breed in the future in order to boost numbers of this rare species in captivity.

As well as this, an “S-shaped” path through the tree kangaroos’ enclosure will lead visitors to a special exhibit about sustainable palm oil production. The Zoo is currently working with a number of supermarkets, including Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Co-op Food, to encourage the use of sustainable palm oil and increase knowledge and awareness around this important campaign. 


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