Tiny arrival at Bristol Zoo Gardens

A tiny mouse deer has been born at Bristol Zoo Gardens – the first in more than a decade.

The baby female Lesser Malayan mouse deer stands only the height of a half-pint glass and weighs just 180gms.

She has been seen regularly suckling with mum, Khaleesi, and spending time with dad, Jorah, in their home alongside the Livingstone’s fruit bats.

Our team hope this will mark a successful year of breeding, as this pair could have up to three more young in 2020.

Alan Toyne, mammal team leader, said: “This is the first baby mouse deer we’ve had in 11 years at the Zoo, so it’s exciting to see mum and baby thriving together.

“We’ve spotted the fawn following mum around and demanding food, which is what we would hope to see.”

When she is fully-grown she will be about the size of a domestic rabbit and will weigh around 2kg.

Mouse deer are distantly related to deer and feed on flowers and vegetable matter, roaming the forests in their native South East Asia. 

Next time you're at Bristol Zoo, pay the baby mouse deer a visit on the floor of the Livingston's Fruit bat exhibit! 

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