Bristol Zoo brings learning to life through our unique range of education sessions. Delivered by our dynamic and highly skilled education team, we strive to offer a hands-on learning experience for all ages and abilities.

Linked to a range of curriculums and programmes of study, our sessions deliver interactive experiences using resources such as live animals, biofacts (skulls, skins, and stuffed specimens) and multimedia.

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Subjects covered:

  • Basic needs of animals for survival and how animals are suited to their habitats
  • Characteristics of two contrasting habitat types – you may choose from rainforest, polar, desert, coral reef and native woodland
  • Microhabitats and protection of habitats

Rainforest experience

The group enters a rainforest clearing to the sounds of the jungle

Subjects covered:

  • Features of rainforests, including weather and locations
  • How animals are suited to the rainforest habitat
  • Human use of rainforests and protecting rainforests

Polar experience

(Available November to Easter)

A polar explorer greets the group and takes them on a journey through the planet’s polar regions.

Subjects covered:

  • How animals and explorers survive in cold habitats
  • Features of the polar regions, including weather and locations of the North and South pole
  • The life of an Antarctic penguin through the seasons 

Download a PDF of our KS1 education sessions here.

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