Adopt Sahee the Asiatic lion

By adopting Sahee, you are helping us to care for him here at Bristol Zoo and also supporting our conservation work across the globe.

The Asiatic lion has unfortunately been declared the most Endangered large cat species in the world. Asiatic lions are from India, where there are thought to be approximately 600 left in the wild. Sahee was born at Le Pal Zoo in France on 15 July 2016. He quickly became a favourite with our keepers due to his playful and inquisitive nature.

Here at the Zoo, Sahee is fed a variety of joints, including ribs, leg and even the heads and tails! The joints have the fur on them and this helps provide the roughage that he needs in his diet. He is not fed on set days or at set times as this reflects his natural behaviour in the wild where he would not successfully catch prey every day.

Your adoption pack contains:

  • one ticket to Bristol Zoo Gardens
  • a cuddly toy lion
  • an adoption certificate
  • your name displayed at the exhibit*
  • a fact-file about your chosen animal
Adopt Sahee the Asiatic lion

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