Adopt Trixie the two-toed sloth

By adopting Trixie, you are helping us to care for her here at Bristol Zoo and also to support our conservation work across the globe.

This unusual leaf-eating animal spends most of its solitary life hanging upside down from the forest canopy. Sloths eat, sleep, breed and nurse their young in this position but you can also see them sitting in the fork of a tree. Their hair flows back from the head and as the animal is almost constantly upside down, the body hair lies from belly to back so that the rain will run off.

Trixie is an omnivore and eats leaves, fruits, and occasionally insects. At Bristol Zoo their diet consists of a salad of fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Being so slow moving, sloths are unable to escape if an area of forest is felled for agriculture or timber. They are often killed during logging operations. Little is known about their total population, but the forest in which they prefer to live is under significant threat.  

Your adoption pack contains:

  • one ticket to Bristol Zoo Gardens
  • a cuddly toy
  • an adoption certificate
  • your name displayed at the exhibit*
  • a fact-file about your chosen animal
Adopt Trixie the sloth

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